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Introduction If you are in search for a good ORM, keep reading. Alan Hyneman, the author of was very kind to give an interview and answer tough questions that a developer might ask. Feel free to ask more in … – an interview with Alan Hyneman Read More »

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When multiple sessions insert into the same table, and something unique is there (uq index, uq constraint), a “duplicate key” error (2601, 2627) occurs from time to time, almost inevitable. If your app is affected with intermittent “duplicate key” surprises, …

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Introduction EVERYBODY should read this! Whether you have a big database that needs speed, or other valuable data like documents or just personal pictures you do not want to lose when disk fails (disks DO fail without notice, just a …

8 Myths about Storage Spaces Read More »

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Introduction There are thousands of indicators (Perfmon Counters, system views, …) one can track to monitor SQL Server, but not all of them are relevant. If I need to pick one, that would be “Processes Blocked”.

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While ago I wrote SSMS Addin called SQL XDetails. It was not updated long time because GUI integration with new SSMS versions were different every time and too much for my poor csharp knowledge. I am a DB guy after …

sp_xdetails – index and table info Read More »

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In 2 days, 11th of May, I speak in Helsinki, Finland about SQL Server Magic. The country with the best education in the world, thinking out of the box, plus very nice nature and the best air quality. I am …

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In less than two weeks I will speak at SQL Saturday conference in Stockholm, Sweden. I am very excited to meet people there and see at least a glimpse of their culture and way of thinking.

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Your SQL Server may be slow for a peculiar reason: a run-away query that pushes-out all other queries from the plan cache, like a huge wave. So called “tsunami query”. Tsunami query wipes other plans from the cache and makes your SQL running slow. Creating tsunami query is easy and usually not intentional: a developer concatenates values in SQL command string. As it “works on my machine”, it easily slips to production (nobody tests for this, right?), and the monster is loose!

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Introduction You might have lot of virtual machines (VM) for Dev and Test environments. And a storage with huge amount of space to fit all databases. What are the options? Probably the best for performance would be to connect to …

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Introduction Docker is perfect for launching DEV and TEST SQL Server environments, when you need many independent SQL instances, or ability to run and stop instances in seconds, only when you need them. Launched from one common image (1GB in …

SQL Server 2017 and 2019 on Docker inside Synology DS918+ Read More »

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