Confusion between Login and User in SQL Server

There is often confusion between Login and User in SQL Server. What is the difference and what is the link? I hope to clear that out in this short video:

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Speaking in Iceland

In a few days I am traveling to Iceland for the first time in life. A land of lava, ice caves and Aurora Borealis. There is a SQL Saturday conference organized by local SQL community that I am looking forward to meet. Lot of interesting lectures you can attend there (besides mine of course) – this is the full schedule.

If anyone is interested to meet me, talk about SQL Server, life, or any other topic, it will be an opportunity there in Reykjavik at the conference, or have a drink with me on Sunday after the conference (11th May 2018) – you are welcome to contact me.

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Collect Performance Data


Server is sometimes slow and you want to know why? Here is a lightweight performance logging kit which will give you the answer. It supports SQL Server and SQL Azure Databases, but perfmon part can be used on any other Windows machine to log perormance data, even without SQL Server. This lightweight logging is already in use by many productions with mission-critical workload. Advantage is – you are NOT installing any new tools: we exploit native, already existing features of windows and SQL, by configuring them to capture performance-relevant information.

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Single-Row Deadlock


Demonstration of the smallest possible deadlock: only one statement, one table, one row.

Without transactions (no BEGIN TRANSACTION). Even RCSI (Read Committed Snapshot Isolation) is turned ON to eliminate shared locks. Everything is “by the book” as Books Online suggest to minimize deadlocks. How is that possible to deadlock? There is a complexity in simplicity of this demo. In video it is explained why single-row deadlock occurs. If you understand single-row deadlock, you will be able to understand even most complex production deadlock situations. And understanding the cause is the first step to eliminate them.

Enjoy the video, and tell me your opinion. Thank you!

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Speaking in Switzerland!

It is SQL Server user group in Basel, after spending short time in Zürich. I am very happy to meet people there. Presentation will be very useful and interesting, and you are more than welcome to register and get there!

How to save 250 000 EUR to your customer?

Recently, for the first time in my life I had a customer from India. A far away, beautiful country I had never opportunity to visit, with 1.3 billion of people. I thought it would be interesting experience, and it was indeed.

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Speaking at Kulendayz 2017

I am honored to be selected to speak in not one but two sessions of SQL Server conference Kulendayz 2017. The topics are “Tuning optional filters” and “Mirror Killer in SQL 2016&2017 Standard Edition”. There are also other great speaks and very interesting topics. Be there and improve your skills! #kulendayz17

SQL Server 2017 announcement and quick hello from vacation

We are always thinking about you, sometimes even on vacation! Here is a quick hello video from the island of Brac:

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PowerBI for SQL DBA – Investigating Perfmon Counters


PowerBI Desktop is a free tool from Microsoft you can download here. Paid versions also exist for Cloud and on premise (your servers), to easily share reports and view them on any device, not just PC. It is used for graphical analysis of any data, by clicking at the beautiful graphs and digging useful information out of it. This demonstration is analyzing Perfmon Counters data needed for SQL Server or Windows performance investigation, but similar process can be used on any data. It is intended for learning and get feeling what PowerBI is and how useful can it be.

This video is intended for PowerBI beginners, Windows administrators, SQL Server DBAs, Techical managers, and anyone who wants to make informed decisions based on investigating data using PowerBI. Enjoy!

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Crypto-virus resistent backup
Funny hacker in action on his keyboard

Crypto-virus resistent backup


Crypto-viruses encrypt your data. If it asks money (a ransom) to decrypt, we call them “ransomware”. They cannot encypt your SQL Server databases because sql data and log files are in use by sqlservr.exe process, but they can encrypt your DB backups and other files. You DO have a backup? Normal backup will NOT protect you from cryptovirus. Because we care for your data and security, we will show you how to protect yourself using free tools. It might take more then a few steps to configure, but it needs to be done only once and it pays off in every way. Read on.

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